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Jul 06, 2018

Tripoli Special Economic Zone

Experience tells us that vital economic initiatives and good management rarely coincide in Lebanon. Happily, they do in the case of TSEZ and former minister, Raya Haffar Al Hassan.

Hosted by Mohamed Choucair, President of the Lebanese Economic Organizations and the Federation of Lebanese Chambers, the Chairwoman of the TSEZ Authority, Minister Al Hassan, presented an initiative that, once complete, could transform the economic landscape in Tripoli and the North, and provide a successful model for other regions and the whole country.

Private sector representatives were impressed by the facilities and the incentives that are planned to attract investment to TSEZ. The expected investments in different sectors will increase exports and create jobs.

Private-Public Partnership is also at the core of the initiative, a fact that is very encouraging for development in North Lebanon, and for the modernization of the Lebanese economy.

LFA members are welcome to make enquiries. The Administration will provide information.

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