JAUNE designs and manufactures 6 collections of men’s clothing per year, divided into 3 wardrobes: Trends, Icons & Active.

Skilled craftsmanship, attention to detail and refined materials are the highlights of every JAUNE piece. The renovated flagship boutiques celebrate the new branding and present the collections into their perfect setting. The elegant mix of rough wood and dark steel with bright yellow convey an atmosphere of boldness & warmth, portraying perfectly the style codes of the modern gentleman.

JAUNE was established in 1988 by Charles Arbid as Rectangle Jaune. With more than 25 years of crafting men’s wardrobes, the company renewed itself to embrace its design motto “Less is more”.

Attention to detail and strict quality control combined with high end materials make an JAUNE item comfortable and easy to wear while expressing character and style.


With retail boutiques in Lebanon and the region, JAUNE is developing its global market to become one of the leading destinations for the modern connected man; thus maintaining a stable expansion’s strategy through the GCC and western Europe for the years to come.

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