Renowned worldwide for its premium quality, innovative designsand excellent presentation, Patchi, the creator of the chocolate gift concept, has attained the position of a trendsetter in the field of chocolate retail and has become the ultimate destination for chocolate gifting. Patchi’s winning concept is already widespread across the globe with more than 160 boutiques expanded in four continents.


Patchi traces back to 1974, when Mr. Nizar Choucair initiated the concept of the chocolate gift with one store in his home country, Lebanon. From day one, the brand stood out for its unique concept of chocolate gifting with different chocolate flavors, specially designed with hand-made decorations and customized for happy occasions. Patchi’s commitment to excellence and Improvement has been supporting its ongoing growth ever since its early days.

Apart from its expansion plan across new countries and the extension of its chocolate range, Patchi’s goals for the year 2016include a further expansion in the Middle East based on the brand’s extensive knowledge of the market’s needs, with the aim of becoming a market leader in the region as the chocolate gift destination, supported by online presence and international expansion.

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