Al Rifai

From its humble beginning in Lebanon in 1948, Al Rifai has become the leading brand in the premium snacking business across the globe.

Today, more than 65 different varieties of Al Rifai nuts and kernels are freshly roasted on a daily basis, using a large selection of the finest crops from around the world.

Al Rifai
Al Rifai
Al Rifai
Al Rifai

The Group is fully integrated vertically: from the sourcing of the nuts at the place of origin, to the production of nuts through the development of its own machinery, to the selling of the finished products; thus keeping full control of quality.

As a result all the production plants are certified according to all major international food production standards such as ISO 22000, IFS and BRC.

In addition, Al Rifai has, over time, expanded its product line beyond nuts and kernels to include coffee, sweets, and confectionery, which are sold in both the local and international retail and wholesale markets. 

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