Bar Du Port

Bar Du Port, concept by AddMind Group, takes inspiration from this port-market experience to offer a new kind of fine dining in Lebanon’s hip, up-and-coming Saifi district. Bar du Port’s mission is to “defend the table”, returning to the era before food spent weeks in a climate-controlled warehouse. Our East-meets-West fusion menu is based on strictly whole, fresh ingredients, complemented by an international selection of wines. Our bar mixes cocktails with the same, fresh ingredients and hand-selected liqueurs.

Bar Du Port
Bar Du Port
Bar Du Port

Often compared to New York’s hip, post-industrial Meatpacking District, Saifi is the ideal location for Bar du Port, befitting its eclectic and occasionally clandestine vibe.

Set in a landmark area, BDP’s interior contemporary architecture reflects the raw nature of the place, and offers a variety of dining and drinking experiences to its clientele. The place has been shredded down to its origins and has been renovated to be in harmony with its neighborhood without losing its independent identity. The 350 m2 tri-level location offers a warm inviting atmosphere to create a set of memorable experiences. Bar du Port is a next favorite destination for both locals and global wanderers who pride themselves on being in-the-know.

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