Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture

The Chamber of Commerce Industry and Agriculture of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (CCIA-BML) is a non-profit private organization working for the public benefit. The CCIA-BML was established in 1887 and is the largest of the four Lebanese Chambers that are regulated by Ministerial Decree No 36/67 enacted in 1967. Decree No 36/67 awarded the Lebanese Chambers the exclusive rights to the provision of services to business enterprises namely, the issuance of certificates of origin and the authentication of invoices and commercial documents.

Promoting the business interests of its member enterprises is one of the principal objectives of the Chamber. The CCIA-BML's membership roster currently includes over 14,000 Lebanese businesses, located in two main districts : the Beirut district and the Mount Lebanon district. Some 70 percent of businesses operating in Lebanon are located in these two districts.

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