Established in 2006 as a not-for-profit trade organization, the Lebanese Franchise Association aims to promote Lebanese franchises worldwide and to add value to the businesses of its members by: providing a range of services relevant to franchising, and by working constantly to guarantee that all its activities benefit the broader community including franchisees, franchisors, employees and their local economies and communities.

Since its early inception, the LFA has become one of the leading economic associations in Lebanon. With over 350 members, The LFA is a veritable "Home of Brands" that includes within its body well-established, local and international brands, whose concerted effort is key to build and maintain a favorable economic and regulatory climate for franchising.


The LFA has made huge strides in 10 years. As the franchise sector grew, the LFA’s role in the national economy has expanded. The association now offers more services, publishes useful data and analysis, launches major initiatives, organizes influential conferences, and speaks with a more authoritative voice about franchising, as well as national economic issues.

In brief, LFA aims to:

>  Increase franchising awareness

>  Provide information about the franchise industry

>  Provide services to members

>  Contribute to capacity building thru training and education

>  Act on economic and social issues

>  Reach out to international partners and events


Yahya Kassaa Picture

Yahya Kassaa is the chief executive officer of Kassaa Group, a Holding company with presence throughout the EMEA region incorporating a network of companies operating in the Paints and Decorative Surfaces Industry.

His dedication and belief in Lebanese expertise, synergy and added value that led him to join the Lebanese Franchise Association where he served as a member of the Board of Directors, its General Secretary, and presently as its President.

Board Members

CharlesArbid Picture
Honorary President
MichelFerneini Picture
Vice President
AlineKamakian Picture
AnthonyMaalouf Picture
Board Member
Karim Miknas  Picture
General Secretary
Mayssoune Rifai Picture
Board Member
Raneem Hallab Picture
Board Member
WaelSinno Picture
Board Member
Issam Rahal Picture
Board Member


The Lebanese Franchise Association is committed to providing the utmost assistance to its members – from representation in the public sector to providing specialized expertise to individual members.


Join as select community of franchisors, franchisees, associate members and experts.

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