Wael has been in the toys and baby products business since 1994, and grew the turnover in Toy Market Group (TMG) at 12% annual growth for the past 10 years.

He is the Chairman and CEO of TMG and its subsidiaries: Fizzle (ELC stores in Lebanon), Fizzle Trading (ELC stores in Jordan), Magic Tree (JouéClub stores Lebanon), Magic Tree Offshore (sub-franchisor of JouéClub  in Qatar and the region), Toy Park – Toys 4 Less (Toys 4 Less stores in Lebanon) .

Wael is proficient in marketing, business development and strategic planning besides being passionate about perfected customer experience.

An IC and LAU alumnus, Wael is a board member of the Lebanese Franchise Association and member of YPO and YPO International. 

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