Issam Rahal

Issam Rahal is a co-founder and key partner of Rahal Holding, a group dedicated to providing services in the fields of hospitality and food & beverage. At its currents state, Rahal Holding, along with its subsidiary companies, operates a total of four hotels and two chains of restaurants, namely Enab and Dunya. The success of both restaurants locally has allowed their expansion into other neighboring and far-reaching territories in the Middle East and around the globe with franchisees being opened in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Kuwait, and soon in Iraq and England. Issam has been a board member in the LFA since 2014 and has just recently taken up the position of Chairman of the Membership Revitalization Committee in hopes of utilizing his experience for the benefit of the association.

A graduate in Marketing and Management from California, USA, Issam spent the better part of his life working in the retail sector primarily in Kuwait, where he managed more than 20 retail outlets across the country before his passion for new business opportunities lead him to work between Kuwait and Lebanon starting 1999.

To date, Issam considers his greatest accomplishment to be his ability to maximize work-life balance, whereby his enthusiasm towards new business endeavors abroad has not deprived him of spending quality time in his original country in Lebanon.

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