Mrs. Sfeir graduated with a BSc. Degree in Nutrition & Dietetics from AUB (Beirut), a MSc. in Food Science from McGill University (Montreal) and a Masters in Marketing from ESA (Beirut). Christine Assouad Sfeir launched Dunkin’ Donuts in Lebanon over a decade ago and continues to serve as chief executive officer.

In 2008, she introduced Semsom, a traditional Lebanese restaurant with a twist. The aim of Semsom is to portray the image of the modern Lebanese; attached to its roots and traditions, but well travelled and ready to try new things. Semsom presently has outlets in Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. In 2012, Semsom will be spreading the Lebanese way of life in Kuwait, Iraq and Qatar.

Treats, her company, is also behind Basillio, an Italian restaurant revolving around fresh pasta and pizza, with the first outlet in Gemmayze, Lebanon.

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